We are a high energy 5-piece pop rock cover band haling from Baltimore, Maryland. We play a wide variety of music spanning decades - everything from Elvis & The Rolling Stones to Arctic Monkeys & Neon Trees. Book us for your event or party today!


Will Sims has been performing in original and cover projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic since the mid-2000's. He plays Ibanez acoustic guitars and uses Shure microphones. He has a wide variety of musical influences but especially loves pop-rock bands Matchbox 20, Oasis and Third Eye Blind. When he's not performing with Fantasm you might find him playing his original music or teaching a Tae Kwon Do lesson.


Pat received his Associate, Bachelor, and Master degrees in classical guitar performance. He returned to his rock roots in 2012 playing in original and cover projects. Pat plays Reverend guitars through Fender amps with a Line 6 Helix. Besides an abundance of classical music influences, he tends more towards progressive music such as Tool, Mastodon, and Periphery among others. When not performing he is most likely teaching, playing soccer, running, or getting lost in the worlds of Skyrim and Fallout.


Tim is a veteran of the New York, Virginia and Baltimore music scenes. He plays Gibson and Fender guitars through Mesa amps and has an ever-evolving array of pedals. He loves the musicianship of 80's guitarists like Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads but also appreciates the raw style and emotion of 90's and 00's bands like Alice in Chains and A Perfect Circle. When he's not playing rock music, Tim is usually spending time with his family or soaking up some sun by the beach.


Joe has been playing in venues around Baltimore since 2009. His favorite part about music is the unique ability it has to bring people together and help them through life's highs and lows. He plays Ibanez basses through Trace Elliott amps and credits 90's rockers Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, Tool and Alanis Morissette as his biggest influences. If he's not on stage, there's a good chance you might run into him at friend's concert or a Caps game.


Cody had been playing in original projects in surrounding areas since 2010. He plays on a Ddrum 3-piece kit with his Magnetone snare drum and Zildjian cymbals. His music influences come from all genres, but he’s particularly in love with A Day To Remember, Avenged Sevenfold, and Metallica. Sometimes he dabs on the haters.


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